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For over ten years now, Pink Gorilla Roofing has grown and become the go-to business in the industry. Pink Gorilla's team of expert contractors specializes in all forms of roofing. Built upon honesty and professionalism, the reputation Pink Gorilla has established is that of best-in-class. The motto of Pink Gorilla has been and always will be "We want to be your roofing contractor for life, we have always been here, we will always be here, when you call we will answer, and no matter what, we will always make things right!


Owner and CEO, Jeremy Broughman, has attained high levels of success by his commitment to satisfied customers and jobs done well. Jeremy is not only a licensed roofing contractor, but also holds licenses as a general contractor and electrical contractor. He holds certifications in water damage remediation and restoration. Jeremy has been an expert contractor as well, for over a decade, and has established himself as top-rated in the Southeast region. Jeremy will never hesitate to get out on a job site to solve a problem or meet with a client. From customer service to the quality of installation, Jeremy holds the entire company to the highest of standards in the industry and beyond. 

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